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Chronic pain = Long Lasting, Persistent Pain

Having chronic pain is different to having short term pain. 

Because chronic pain is different, so are we.

We are physiotherapists with special training and experience in working with people with persistent pain.

Chronic pain can affect all parts of your life, and can result in you giving up what is important to you. Our aim is to enable you to live your life to the full. We look at you as a whole person. We focus on helping you do what you want and need to do.

Assessment and Treatment

As chronic pain is complicated and we are working on the 'whole picture',
 our appointments are longer than usual.

We will look at:

•    What is contributing to your pain, and what can be done about this.

•    Your goals and what is important to you
•    How pain is affecting your life – your activities, moods, sleep, sport and work.
•    What you are already doing to cope and to help yourself.
•    Your flexibility, strength and how you move.
•    What treatments you have already tried: what helped and what didn’t.

From this detailed assessment, we develop a treatment plan fitted to your needs.  You will learn skills which will help you to live better with your pain, be active in the ways important to you, and become more independent.

Treatment focus:

•    Understanding pain: why you have pain now, why it behaves as it does, how to
     make sense of pain.

•    Exploring and practicing ways to be active with your pain.
•    Using your mind to help you.
•    Sleep
•    Exercises & stretches –
o    to improve strength and fitness
o    to increase your ability to function and do what you want to do
o    to improve the co-ordination of your muscles to support your body and
      allow you to move better

•    Dealing with flare ups of pain.


Activity is an important part of life, and of managing pain.
Some people with persistent pain have managed to stay very fit and active and want help to maintain that.
Most people with chronic pain have reduced what they do because of pain and given up activities valuable to them. Exercise and building up activity is necessary to get back to what you want to do. Movement, strengthening and stretching may also be beneficial in reducing your pain.


Many people with persistent pain are worried by exercise. We understand that doing too much, too early leads to more pain, less sleep, low mood, more rest and, eventually, to giving up.
We will explore what activities and exercise are important to you, and the ways in which you can engage in them.
We will show you how to start gently, and build slowly so that you actually GET to where you want to go without flaring up your pain.


Learning different ways to be active can also help. These include swapping between activities, using different positions and timing your activity and breaks. 

You may be someone who doesn't need to do more as you already do enough. Do you pay a high price in pain? Learning techniques to do it smarter can help.  

Hands-On Physiotherapy

Many people with persistent pain find hands-on physio techniques very painful. Hands-on physiotherapy is often not necessary. Let us know if you have any particular concerns.


Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
 9:00 am to 5:30 pm


9:00 am to 12:30 pm

out of hours appointments may be arranged.

Appointments are around 1 hour in length.
This can be altered depending on your needs

We accept

Credit Cards
Workers Compensation
Medicare (Chronic Disease Management plans)
Direct Private Health Insurance payments through



you are under Workers Compensation, MAIB, DVA or a Chronic Disease Management Plan,

a referral from your Medical Practitioner is required .

you do not need a medical referral