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Isa Woermann Dreyer  APA Pain Physiotherapist; B.Sc (Physiotherapy); DPT; Master of Science in Medicine (Pain Management)

Isa graduated with a Physiotherapy degree from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, in 1986.  She completed a Clinical Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the Boston University, USA, in 2006 and her Masters of Science in Medicine (Pain Management) with the University of Sydney in 2014.

Isa has worked in various different countries and health care settings and has extensive experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, rehabilitation and sports injuries. Isa has been practicing physiotherapy in Hobart since 2006; she has worked in private practice and at the Persistent Pain Service, Royal Hobart Hospital. Through her further study and work at the pain service, Isa has realised that there are practical and innovative ways to help people with persistent pain

Isa is involved in educating other health practitioners in managing chronic pain through Medicare Local and Pain Management Research Institute, University of Sydney.

Des O'Shaughnessy APA Pain Physiotherapist

After graduating as a physiotherapist over 20 years ago, Des developed broad experience working in hospitals, community health centres and private practices across Australia and the UK.  He teaches effective management approaches for numerous conditions, including: pain that started due to an accident, in relation to work, or for no clear reason; pain that is continuing despite multiple different treatments; pains occurring in multiple parts of the body and pain that is now affecting people’s emotional side or their relationships.
Des works to assist people to achieve goals that support their lifestyle, tailoring care to an individual’s situation, health and personal aims.  He encourages people to share how pain is effecting them, works with people to improve movement and physical function, and always considers the whole person.  He uses a variety of techniques to alleviate pain and help people gain new skills to live a fuller life with ongoing pain.